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Support, MODI, feature, JOHNNY DEPP (post production)

Lead, “Edgar Allan Poe” in A MORTE DO CORVO, immersive theatre play, Lisbon (on going)

Support, DAQUI HOUVE RESISTÊNCIA, tv series, Carlos Amaral, Bando à Parte

Support, TONY, tv series, Carlos Dante, TVI

Support, A CASA DA MINHA MÃE, short, Marta Delgado Pinto

Support, OFÉLIA, short, Eva Pelúcia

Support, PROMOçÃO, short, Miguel Laranjeira


Support, LUTHER: The Fallen Sun, feature, BBC/NETFLIX, Jamie Payne

Lead, FATUM NOSTRUM, short, Miguel Magriço


Support, UMA BALADA DE AMOR, GANANCIA E VINGANÇA, short, Henrique Linhales Rangel
Support, NAS CORDAS, short, Gabi Martins, Matilde Reis
Support, FILHAS DA PÁTRIA, short, Catarina Almeida


Support, DREAMING X, short, Antonia Luxem
Support, COUNTERPRODUCTIVE, short, Eva Tisnikar

Lead, FAMILIAR, short, David Ellison
Support, AZA, short, Bryan Lee


Support, Documentary, Lost Pirate Kingdom, NETFLIX
Lead, short, The Tell, Madeleine Toth
Lead, photoshoot, Hypocrite, Bessy
Support, music video, MICHAEL KIWANUKA Hero, Jingo
Support, music video, PROPSA Control the Party, Blink Productions
Lead, music Video, ELECTRIC LITANY Sealight, Lucy Krbova / Stefan Steinmair, Sakari Lerkkanen
Support, TV commercial for BWin, BBH/The Academy, Jack Driscoll
Lead, E-learning for Siemens, The Voiveover Gallery
Lead, online commercial for Dreamcloud, True Media, Paul Blue
Lead, Still Photography, lead – scammer, FCA SCAMSMART, FINANCIAL CONDUCT AUTHORITY, Joe Giacomet
Support, corporate, Kley Amenities/Southbank Tower, Spectrecom Films, Tom Lindsay
Lead, music video for Joe Hodgson, Nick Gore
Support, Doctor, photo shoot for Eli Lilly, Alex Telfer
Support, CERES DAWN, web serie, Limetools, John Dale
Support, THE LOST, feature, Lexart Films, Alex Klaus
Lead, BUMBU XO, promo teaser, Sovereign Brands

Lead, SHEBA, TV commercial, AMV BDDO, The Perlorian Brothers
Support, NISSAN, commercial online, Autobahn Productions, Pedro De La Fuente
Lead, JAGUAR, film for showroom, Kobe Media, Rory McKellar
Support, Missing Millions, e-learning video, Catherine Robinson/Articmedia, Suki Singh
Narrator, VO in portuguese, DHL-As One, The Voiceover Gallery
Lead, THE ZOE BALL BOOK CLUB, short for ITV, Jonathan Stow
Support, In Front of You, short, Adam Llamas
Support, THE NAIL THAT STICKS OUT, short, Jordan Dean
Support, Corporate for Syneos Health
Support, Namaste England, feature, Vipul Amrutlal Shah
Lead, short, The Plunderer’s Tale, Jennifer Jones
Narrator, VO in portuguese, Deltanet (Anti-Bribery), The Voiceover Gallery
Support, Oracle promo, video online
Narrator, VO in portuguese, DHL Mile, The Voiceover Gallery

Lead, SAVOY HOTEL, Golden Ratio Productions – Irene Marco, Patrick Gather Lead,
Lead, WHACKED OFF, taster for tv, Chalkboard TV, Tom Popay
Lead, I STILL LEAVE AT HOME, music video, Pulse Films, Luke Bather
Support, THE DIVISION, short, Mike Hoad, Jean Paul Ly
Featured role, RENEGADE – HP, TV, AMV BDDO Ltd, David East
Support, HUMONGOUS / DECLAN MCKENNA, music video, Nuuksio Films, Taz Tron Delix
Lead, DHL, corporate, Maverick, Ian Scacaluga
Support, Mafia Greatest Hits, documentary, World Media Rights
Support, War On Drugs, documentary, October Films

Lead, Creeper Trilogy videos, Warner Music, Jamie Carter
Lead, Yearning, short, Niav Padelis
Lead, corporate video shoot for Ritz Club London
Lead, Better late then never, music video for Andrea Bignasca, Carl Russ-Mohl
Support, Jafra, corporate video, Floating Pictures
Lead, photo shoot for Ritz Club London

Lead, Suit and Bone, short, Dulani Wilson
Support, Sophia Lazzati, feature, Niav Padelis
Support, Twilight, music video for Solomon Grey, Ben Marshall
Lead, Portrait of a Shadow, short, Alvaro Fernandez-Pulpeiro
Lead, Bound, short, Miguel Fonseca
Support, Wonder, Music Video, Tommaso Albertini
Support, The Chase, TV Doc for ITV and American Heroes Channel, WMR
Lead, Matreshka, short, Andrea Benigno
Lead, Mind In A Box music video, Paris Seawell
Support, Global travel Security, Corporate Imperial Tobacco, Chris Hughes, Odx
Support, Tata Motors, corporate, Uber

Support, The Musketeers, TV, BBC, Czech Republic
Support, The Royals, TV, Lionsgate tv/ E!, Mark Schwahn
Lead, Ritz Club, Promo for The Ritz Hotel, The Creative Arms
Lead, All These Years, music video for Shivum Sharma, Sakari Lerkkanen
Lead, Saudade, short, Shaun Gamble
Support, Nike Footbal: The Last Game, voice over, NIKE
Support, Strange Love, music video for The Beaches, Doug Gillen
Lead, My pretty one, music video, Linda McDonald Cairns
Support, Waiting, short, John Zou

Support, Samistagskrimi, Identity for ZDF (German TV), Clare Norowzian
Lead, Day of Death, short, Pradeep Shahi
Support, Pure Love, Bomba Estereo msc vid, Santiago Posada
Support, Awaiting Lazarus, short, Orok Duke
Lead, The Black Cane, short, Joshua Barnes
Lead, The Merchants of Quietus, short, Dulani Smith
Support, Minotaur, short, Spencer Young
Lead, Princess is Gonna Die, Music Video for Teebo, MK Ceesay
Lead, Revenge, short, Da Teng

Support, SECRET CINEMA, The Shawshank Redemption
Support, Soho Cigarette, Feature, Jon Fairbairn
Support, UFO EUROPE: Untold Stories, Documentary, Olivia King
Support, Hope Order Truth, music video, Jon Duncombe
Support, Central Point, teaser for short, Andrea Chaos
Lead, Avenue to Nowhere, french short, Jacob Migicovsky, London and Paris
Lead, EsOterica, music video, Tim Fox
Support, The Shadow Formula, theatre play, David R. Roberts
French Voice Over, WAN-IFRA Press Freedom Film, Digital Celluloid
Support, 18 Years Later, feature, Theo Bahannack

Lead, Arvacska, short, Dawood Hilmandi
Lead, Here’s Johnny, video art, Thomas Eschgfaeller
Voice Over , clip from Waste Land, awarded Documentary, Lucy Walker
Voice Over, Street Dance 2, feature, Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini
Lead, Gambling Love, short, Maradona Dias dos Santos
Support, Do not disturb, short, Myles
Lead, Didier, short, Sawan Nair

Support, O Nariz, short, Joana Domingues
Support, Manual de Instruçoes, theater, Vitor Hugo Pontes
Lead, Scarlet Bitch, short, Andrew Martin
Support, Washed Up, short, Joseph Martin
Support, Interstices, video art, Alessia Chiappino
Lead, Ed and Rose. short, Rizelle Molchanova
Lead, The Identity man, short, Sanya Mihaylovic
Lead, Cinzento, short, Sergio Juliao
Lead, Ocupado, short, Lara Fernandes
Lead, Transparência, multimedia project, Carlos Caires
Support, Frio, awarded short, Artur Serra Araújo
Lead, A Pílula da Inteligencia, short, Joana Costa
Lead, Entre Eles, short, Tomás Baltazar
Support, A Imitação, short, Saguenail
Lead, 7 short films, NYFA, New York
Lead, Nós, short, Fernando Rui, Arouca


2024 O CEREJAL, ACT I, Chekhov, Luciano Amarelo

2023 WORKSHOP: FOUNDATION 1 of MEISNER TECHNIQUE (week intensive) I Steven Ditmyer

2023 – GUILLERMO HERAS ACTOR SUMMER SCHOOL with Alexandra Moreira da Silva, Isabel Barros, João Branco, Magrit Coulon, Maria do Céu Guerra, Mónica Calle, Ricardo Simões e Sara Belo.

2023 WORKSHOP: ACTING FOR CAMERA | Manuel Pureza, Marco Medeiros and Simão Cayatte | Teatro da Palmilha Dentada


2019 ACTING MASTERCLASS,Joe Ferreira, (weekly intensive)

2019 IMPROV COURSE, Avocado
2019 ALL IN THEATRE, workshop,
2006 CAIR-TE THEATER: Theatre course (William Gavião
2003 CONTAGIARTE: “Body, Word, Space and Movement”

Portuguese and French (native)
English and Spanish (fluent)
Italian (intermediate)
Polish (basic)